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Hierarchy of Alt. Newsgroups

Hierarchy use within Usenet is how similar content is kept grouped together. Without this sense of order and placement it would be extremely difficult to find the newsgroups you were looking for. For instance, the Alt. Newsgroup […]

Usenet Control Message

To get started with a brand new newsgroup, just send an e-mail to our support staff. We’ll send a message to our servers –a message called a “control message” – It’ll be posted just like an article […]

Usenet Newsgroup basics

Before wandering too far into newsgroups, first you’ll need to know what they are. Basically, a newsgroup is a place for people interested in the same topics to have a conversation. It’s an open exchange of information on […]

Newsgroups are nearly as old as the Internet itself and have been a mainstay of the the Internet since they were first created. While they got their start in order for researchers to be able to write to each other […]

Origin of Alt Newsgroups

As with many different aspects of Internet Lore, rumors abound about the origin of the term “Alt” in Alt Newsgroups. One camp of thinkers stands by the notion that “Alt” stands for “Alternative.” Still others formed a […]

How to browse Usenet

Many options are available to browse through Usenet newsgroups. Two specific ways to try it out are either with a newsreader or with a web interface.


Many different newsreaders are out there. GrabIt is a great newsreader for […]

Types of Newsgroups

Tens of thousands of Usenet newsgroups exist, with as many as 120,000 estimated to be active at any time. Across these thousands of newsgroups are just as many topics, with some newsgroups using a more focused approach to […]

How Does It Work?

Usenet World offers a 14 day 15 gigabyte free trial account for all new members. New users are able to subscribe to our service either by using their credit card or PayPal account. We are so confident […]