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What is Usenet Retention?

Retention is the amount of time files are kept by a Usenet service provider. For example if an article is published today to Usenet World it will remain on our servers for 1,617 days. After the 1,617 day time period the article will be dropped (deleted) to make room for new incoming articles.

How Does a Usenet Server Save Information?

A Usenet computer system is made of countless computer servers from various service providers all around the World. After an article is posted it’s then transmitted amongst the different providers. The process is known as date peering.

Why Higher Retention Times Are Better

The more retention at Usenet provider has is directly related to the number of servers, hard drives, and storage software they utilize. At Usenet World we make use of the latest computer technology and have a large number of hard drives that contain millions of articles that are published to Usenet daily. We utilize propriety storage software that allows us to store over 1,617 days of articles.

Download Speeds and Retention

Retention is an important aspect when choosing Usenet service but what’s sometimes overlooked is speed. If access is slow then retention really doesn’t matter. At Usenet World we have an advanced network which is capable of delivering unbeatable download speed.

Want to see for yourself? Sign up for our free trial and see why the retention and download speeds we offer are unmatched.

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