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Usenet World Is Now Fast Usenet

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Usenet World has been acquired by Fast Usenet (Usenet Services, LLC). We are no longer accepting new members and are in the process of merging our services. Please contact Fast Usenet with any questions you have.

We'd like to thank all of our members for supporting us over the years. We've worked closely with the team at Fast Usenet and highly recommend their service. Visit Fast Usenet to learn more.

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Save Money

Usenet World offers Unlimited access for only $9.95/month which is up to 40% lower than other leading Usenet service providers. We also offer metered plans that range from 40 gigabytes to 6 gigabytes per month. Sign up for one of money saving plans and see why more and more people are choosing Usenet World everyday.

Usenet free trial

Don't know if Usenet World is the right provider for you? Test us out! We offer all new members a 14 day 15 gigabyte free trial. Click here to sign up for our trial offer and see why more and more people are choosing Usenet World each and every day.

Global Network

The Usenet World network was constructed from the groud up to ensure the high speed demands of Usenet service. Our system consists of the latest computer hardware and runs using our customized software that allows for incredible download speeds and article completetion.

Whether you have a 1Mbit or a 100Mbit connection our network will provide you with the fastest Usenet access possible..

Web Newsreader

The Usenet World web browser based newsreader enables you to easily read, view and post into picture and text newsgroups using your favorite web browser. It's secure, quick, and simple to use. The web newsreader works with all popular browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Google Chrome.

Mobile Devices

The mobile newsreader enables you to easily access our Usenet service using your smart phone and tablet devices. This portal works great with a variety of different mobile devices such as: Apple iPhone & iPad, Blackberry and Google Android. With the mobile newsreader Usenet can be easily accessed from any location.

Binary and Text Retention

Retention, retention, retention... The all important number that's associated with Usenet providers and at Usenet World we offer industry leading retention times with excellent article completion.

What is retention? Retention is the amount of time a Usenet provider stores information on their servers. With Usenet World you can access files that were posted up to 1,617 days ago.

Secure Access

We realize that the privacy and security is essential to you. That's why all our Usenet plans have free 256-bit SSL encrypted connections. Encrypted connections help ensure your Usenet traffic stays secure. Additionally, SSL encrypted connections may prevent efforts by your Internet provider to control or limit your download speeds.

Customer Service

We work everyday to supply you with the highest quality Usenet access, but we also recognize there are times when things may go wrong. That's why we have customer support experts standing by 24x7 to answer your concerns.

We provide e-mail support, have an extensive FAQ and knowledge base filled with answers to your questions. We also offer a toll free 1-800 number so you can speak directly with us.