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Usenet World Is Now Fast Usenet

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Usenet World has been acquired by Fast Usenet (Usenet Services, LLC). We are no longer accepting new members and are in the process of merging our services. Please contact Fast Usenet with any questions you have.

We'd like to thank all of our members for supporting us over the years. We've worked closely with the team at Fast Usenet and highly recommend their service. Visit Fast Usenet to learn more.

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Web Newsreader

The Usenet World web newsreader allows you to access the text and image newsgroups directly from your web browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari). You can easily view images and post into the text groups using our customized interface.

Click here for a demonstration on how the web newsreader works. Sign up if you want to unlock all of it's great features.

Mobile Newsreader

Have you ever wished you could pull up an article from Usenet on the go? Or you want to access the newsgroups when you aren’t by your computer? Now you can!

With the Usenet World mobile friendly newsreader you can easily view your favorite newsgroups on the go from your mobile device. The mobile newsreader runs right from your smart phones web browser and is compatible with iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones.

For a demo on how the mobile newsreader works click here. If you want to unlock all the mobile newsreaders features visit our sign up page to become a Usenet World member.

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